Environmental Emotional

Vegan Dinner and Cocktail Parties

Themes like Cape Malay, Inari the Japanese Rice Fox, Ghost Town Western, 50’s Comfort Diner, Valentine’s Blood Red Feast, and Trip to Thailand make a great party in your home. Invite all your friends and either be my assistant (so you can learn) or sit back guzzling one of my home-brewed elixirs while I whip up the courses and set the stage.

You can also throw a Cooking Class Party where you and your guests cook, learn, and dine on your creations.

When the doorbell rings, all you’ve got to do is smile and look pretty while the themed music hints at the delights ahead.  I take care of everything.

Cooking Class Parties are $40 per person.  Choose a theme below, round-up five or more friends, and contact me to schedule the fun.

Themed Cocktail and Dinner Parties start at $25 per person with a ten guest minimum and get as extravagant as you like.

Contact me here for questions and scheduling.

541-408-0932 cireeciree@gmail.com

Check out more themes here:



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