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Theme Your Party & Learn to Cook

In Veganism on October 8, 2013 at 5:56 pm

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Themes like Cape Malay, Inari the Japanese Rice Fox, Ghost Town Western, 50′s Comfort Diner, Valentine’s Blood Red Feast, and Trip to Thailand make a great cocktail or cooking class party in your home. Invite all your friends and either be my assistant (so you can learn) or sit back guzzling one of my home-brewed elixirs while I whip up the courses and set the stage.

Sit back and enjoy or invite your guests to cook, learn, then dine on their creations at a sit down dinner.

When the doorbell rings, all you’ve got to do is smile and look pretty while the themed music hints at the delights ahead.  I take care of everything.

Cooking Class Parties are $40 per person.  Choose a theme below, round-up five or more friends, and contact me to schedule the fun.

Themed Cocktail and Dinner Parties start at $25 per person with a ten guest minimum and get as extravagant as you like.

Contact me here for questions and scheduling.

541-408-0932 cireeciree@gmail.com

Check out more themes here:



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