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Vegan Triple Happiness Cabbage

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The Central Oregon Dinner Party, ala Vegan

Before you start cooking you’ll want to call three or four friends who’ve been particularly kind to you, even if it was long ago (never forget a kindness), and invite them to dinner.  Plan ahead so if any of them live farther away than this 90-minute recipe takes to create, that they shall arrive when it’s hot.

Tell all of your friends with dogs, or cats or opossums that their animals are welcome to join, as long as they don’t have a hankerin’ to fight with others.

Prepare a frosty delight of carrot sticks and broccoli ends lightly doused with olive oil and a pinch of nutritional yeast, then thrown in the freezer for an hour or so, for the animal companions. They’ll appreciate something to nosh on whilst the humans make gluttons of themselves. Beware of creating a carrot of contention…

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