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Vegan Cooking Lessons, Tutoring, Portland, OR

In Vegan Cooking Lessons Portland, Vegan Lifestyle, Vegan Recipes, Veganism on September 17, 2011 at 10:09 pm

Try my one-to-one tutoring package.  Whether you’re a transitioning or advanced vegan or just looking for new ideas and planning holiday parties, fresh knowledge can help accomplish your goals.

Guided shopping, cooking jam sessions, recipes, handouts and anytime phone coaching are fun and expand your vegan repertoire.  One time and monthly session rates available.

http://www.cireelinsenman.tk 503-302-8103 cireeciree@gmail.com


Personal tutoring begins with defining your palate and health goals.  The hands-on journey that’s designed for you includes:

How to shop and create from scratch with ease.
How to cook delicious treats for the skeptics in your life.
Releasing you from being chained to recipes by giving you the tools to cook intuitively.
Expanding your health goals and education of alternative proteins, gluten-free, organic, raw and whole foods.


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