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Hot Pink Coconut Beet Borscht Recipe

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Vivid and the color of panic, this recipe was born during a pre-third date crisis that had me stumbling around the house in a ripped pair of tights that didn’t match my skirt, and then rooting around in the fridge for the makings of a romance inducer.  I’d recommend it for any third date with someone you want to influence in any sort of positive way.  If you’re not sure that you like your suitor in “that way”, then make something else, like a boring stir-fry or something.

It’s quick, easy and its decadence is controlled by your restraint with the coconut cream.  If you’re not gonzo on dill, then sub fresh oregano or thyme.  But then it’s a whole different ball game.

Hint: Don’t put your lipstick on (or shave) until after the soup is done, lest you remain with a telltale ring of magenta ’round your kisser from tasting when the doorbell rings.

Dice three large beets into matchsticks.  Toss them in a big stock pot with 1 tsp. sea salt, either 1C fresh minced dill or 4T dried dill and 1T ground peppercorns.  Simmer the whole mess in 1/2 C white vinegar and 1 C water until tender.  Stir in whatever sweetener you like.  I used rice syrup, about 2-3T.  Taste and add more salt if needed.  Then add coconut cream (not milk) to desired sinfulness.
Note:  Remember that coconut cream is very perishable and doesn’t keep very long.  Use it when you know you will eat the whole thing within 4-5 days.  Otherwise, you can add it to each serving, fresh or use soy cream (which has a bunch of sugar in it, so then hold back on the sweetening part of the recipe.)
Paint soup’s surface with varying shades of coconut cream mixed with soup, saving lightest and whitest for last.

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