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Canine Culinary Academy

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Cooking Lessons for Dogs

The Canine Culinary Academy

Teaching your dog to cook isn’t as hard as you might think.  Enrolling in the CCA is more than learning about canine-friendly kitchen appliances and how to install shorter countertops.  It’s a deep bonding experience that shows you how to coach your best friend to work through obstacles like dew claws vs. thumbs, licking while cooking and batter guarding.  Classes also include perks like take-away handouts, video tutorials and transpecies-fusion recipes like Garlic Zucchini Craquers and Faux Squirrel Roast (tempeh) that you both can enjoy.


Dogs must understand basic obedience, possess a sincere desire to learn cooking skills and have an intermediary ability to focus.  While the Canine Culinary Academy does not endorse breedism, it does encourage families with German Sheperds, Dobermans and border collies to consider the inherent intensity those breeds are known for and how that may manifest in a small kitchen with loud noises, strange dogs, children and lots of food.


“When we first enrolled Dakota, our malamute, at CCA she didn’t know what was going on and seemed kind of disinterested.  Pretty soon she changed her mind and wound completing the whole program.  After she graduated she really got creative and these days it’s not unusual to get home from work and find the table set with some piping hot, home-cooked creation that she made with her own paws. It’s so nice not to have to think about cooking just one night a week. Thank you, CCA! I love you!” – Ginnie Pampershad, San Francisco, CA

“One time I brought a date back to my apartment to find that Dante, my schnauzer, had prepared poached pears with a flambe cherry glaze.  It was like, he really wanted me to score with this girl and was rooting for me.  I was kind of choked up about it.  The pears were a little gamey tasting, from his paws I think, because he had been digging around in the yard earlier, but it was all about the effort he put forth making it look all fancy for us and stuff.  I totally love that dog. I’m so glad I enrolled him in your class.”  – Brad Gerkin, Piedmont, CA

“Since we had twins, sometimes my husband, Ben, and I don’t have the time to do the whole homemade-organic-baby-food thing like we used to when they were first-born.  I was kind of feeling guilty about feeding them store-bought Gerber’s, especially since we live in Marin county and I was getting some shit from the mothers in my Attachment Parenting classes.  But then all of a sudden Mitzie, our border collie, started helping out around the house after she took “Basic Prep Skills”.  She purees all of the organic carrots and baby asparagus so I don’t have to deal with it…and here’s thing…she loves doing it!  When we are out for her walk and pass Whole Foods or Good Earth she yanks me over there.  I come out with great produce and she just dances around and around on her hind legs. I am so grateful that this door has been opened for her to the world of cooking.”  – Helen Andersen, Fairfax, CA

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