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The 80% Raw, Vegan, Organic Menu – Catered

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For the organic vegan transitioning to raw, it’s easy to feel drained thinking about having to root around for sustenance during a busy work week.

Making great raw food that addresses all of your cravings and leaves you feeling nurtured can be time consuming, and wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal chef to do all of that for you?

That comes across to some as a luxury – but if you add up the cost of groceries and dining out, and assign a monetary value to the time you spend shopping for food, cooking it, cleaning up, and driving to restaurants and waiting for service, what is the cost and value of your weekly menu?

What does a week of customized, organic, raw, vegan chef services look like?  The 4/2 package below offers two servings each of four main dishes with sides and snacks – a total of eight, decadent meals created in your kitchen for $320.


*Each week, choose four of any of the following for the 4/2  80 % Raw, Vegan, Organic Plan


1.  Main: Red Cabbage, Ginger, Yellow Pepper, & Yellow Squash Fettucini w/ BBQ Tofu Salad & Sweet Peanut Dressing

Side: Black Sesame Shiso Rice Balls w/ Spring Onions, Pickled Beets, & Cucumber

Snack: Chipotle Turnip & Yam Chips w/ Red Bean Hummus & Grapes

2. Main: Pad Italy – Rice Vermicelli, Mung Bean Sprouts, Spinach, Green Olives, & Creamy Ricotta Balls in Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette

Side: Garlic Almond Cape Malay Soup w/ Water Chestnuts

Snack: Smoked Gouda, Jicama, Celery, Green Beans & Carrots

3. Main: Masala Burger on Red Cabbage w/ Shredded Kale & Lemon Garlic Mayo

Side: Hot Pink Beet Borscht w/ Rice Rotini & Dill Creme

Snack: Strawberry Almond Cheesecake & Vanilla Lady Fingers

4.  Main: Corn & Sprouted Black Bean Polenta w/ Celery, Tomatoes, & Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce

Side:   Artichoke Hearts, Romaine, & Yucca Salad w/ Oregano & Olive Oil

Snack: Gooey Nirvana Balls – Dates, Vanilla, Almonds, Currants, Coconut, & Orange Zest

5.  Main: Sprouted Garbanzo & Chia Falafel w/ Bok Choy, Sunflower Tzatziki Sauce & Herbed Pita

Side: Coconut-Tempeh Bacon, Romaine, Sauerkraut, Tomato & 1,000 Island Salad

Snack: Sea Salt & Vinegar Beet Chips w/ Rosemary Feta Dip & Banana Jerky

6. Main: Salad Nicoise w/ Marinated Crimini Mushrooms, Pickled Green Beans, Cubed Turnips & Rutebagas, Tomatoes, Crushed Almonds, & Dijon Vinaigrette

Side: Zucchini Fettucini Alfredo w/ Basil & Tomatoes

Snack: Lemon Poppyseed Bars

7.  Main: Samosas stuffed with Parsnips, Kale, Cashews, Cauliflower & Plum Tomatoes w/ Mint Raita

Side: Curried Cashew Rice w/ Raisins, Corn, & Shredded Carrots

Snack: Lemon Thyme Swiss “Cheese” Balls, Dark Rye Flatbread, & Pear Relish

8.  Main: Banana Peanut Pakoras w/ Bengali Chutney

Side: Arugula, Jicama, & Pea Salad w/ Orange Thyme Dressing & Walnuts

Snack: Baby Endive, Sesame Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes & Cambazola Plate

9.  Main: Sweet Potato Green Curry Pasta w/ Carrots, Shredded Coconut, & Cilantro

Side: Beet, Cabbage, Dill, & Lemon Pickle Spring Rolls in Tahini Vinaigrette

Snack: Cajun Kale Chips & Apricot Cream Cheese Balls

10.  Main: Sushi Rolls Combo:

a. Sprouted Mung Bean, Spinach, Avocado Curry b. Cauliflower, Orange, Pasilla Pepper c. Shiso, Ginger, Mushroom, Quinoa

Side: Coconut Miso Soup w/ Pea Pods, Shitake Mushrooms, and Spinach

Snack: Chocolate Orange Peanut Butter Truffles

11. Main: Caesar Salad w/ Giant Croutons, Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes, Kohlrabi, & Lemon Caper Dressing

Sides: 1. Zucchini Fettucini in Hazelnut Pesto w/ Pickled Brussels

Snack: Red Pepper Cheddar Crackers & Artichoke Dip

12.  Main: Veggie Lasagna w/ Sun Dried Tomato “Cheese” Carrots, Broccoli, & Kalmata Olives

Side: Cauliflower Smoked Mushroom Pilaf w/ Pepitas & Leeks

Snack: Banana Peppers Stuffed w/ Coconut, Dates, Jalapeños, Peanuts, Cabbage, & Scallion Ginger Paste

13.  Main: Sweet Potato Dumplings w/ Rapini in Chai Creme

Side: Cranberry Pecan Avocado Salad w/ Fried Lima Beans

Snack: Fruit Kebab – Figs, Blackberries, & Apricots Rolled in Vanilla Macadamia Nuts

SweetPotatoCoconutCilantroPesto SpinachCannelonniRedPepperRicotta2 ParsnipUmeBlackSesamePasta


White Bean Chipotle Stew

In Veganism on October 8, 2013 at 8:37 pm


onthefly31 small can chipotles in adobe sauce (use to desired heat)

¾ – 1 jar green mole dissolved in warm water

1 bag great northern beans soaked overnight in 1:4 in water (toss water after)

1 yellow zucchini cubed

1 large yellow onion diced

½ C nutritional yeast

2T oregano (fresh or bulk, not jarred)

½ can coconut cream

Dash cinnamon

½ C chopped cilantro

2+T sea salt to taste


5C water

Top with arugula or fresh tarragon



Cook beans in just enough water to cover  with 1T salt and 2T olive oil in lidded large pot . Keep checking to make sure water doesn’t totally evaporate and scorch pan.

When beans are soft add all other ingredients except coconut cream. Cook on medium until bubbling, then turn down to low until veggies are soft (about 45 mins.)  Stir bottom of pan occasionally to avoid mole settling and burning.

Stir in coconut cream and serve.

Small Bites and Tapas, Keeping Dinner Special

In Veganism on October 8, 2013 at 6:23 pm

smallbites_1One thing that’s so appealing about the eating tapas, or small bites style is that it focuses your appetite on a one area at a time and usually each flavor is very separate, making it stand out. Making a dinner with many small courses can take a lot of time. But if you’d to replicate that long, drawn out luxurious way of eating try the simple steps below.

The next time you plan a family dinner try thinking small and special and follow this process:

1. Choose veggies and fruits that are easy to hollow out, stuff, or top, such as mushrooms, celery, tiny potatoes, or grape and cherry tomatoes.

2. Marinate these vegetables and fruits overnight in a variety of marinades. For marinade varieties use flavorful oils like walnut, olive, flax, and peanut. Use six parts oil and one part vinegar. Choose a variety of vinegars such as ume, rice, balsamic, and wine or use reduced spirits in place of vinegar such as mirin, rum, scotch, or rich vegan beers from this list: http://www.peta.org/about/faq/which-beers-are-suitable-for-vegans.aspx  Add a little salt and pepper, spices (curry combos, ground peppers, herbs), garlic, onions, and a bit of ground nuts for texture and body.

3. Prepare a few dips and spreads. Think about hummus and then expand.  Hummus is simply made of garbanzos, garlic, lemon juice, tahini, and cumin. Change the bean from garbanzo to lima or navy and change the nut butter from tahini to walnut, brazil, or pine nut (make your own nut butter in your coffee bean grinder) and now you’re cooking!  You’ll need an element of zing that the lemon juice provides.  Try subbing grapefruit or orange juice and add a little bit of peel zest to complete the flavor balance.  Add an interesting spice and you’ve got something special.  Go to Whole Foods and sample some new ones from the bulk spices section.

4. Make a couple of cups of earthy grain varieties such as forbidden rice, wild rice, or red quinoa. Spice up the rice with lots of creativity, a tiny bit of salt, some herbs, and olive oil or coconut butter.

4. Stuff your new original spreads and grains into the marinated vegetables and fruits and compliment each with artful garnishes of brightly colored veggies and herbs like green onion, rosemary, tarragon, and radish sprigs.

Send me a photo of your tapas dinner and I’ll put it on my blog. Send to cireeciree@gmail.com.  Can’t wait to see your creations!

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